Garlic Tiger Prawns

Tiger Prawns with aromatic spices cooked in onion, tomato, green coriander and garlic sauce.

Menu Choice # 63.


Prawn Vindaloo

Tiger Prawns cooked in Vindaloo – an aromatic Indian curry dish popular in Goa.

Menu Choice # 64.


Vegy Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns, broccoli, capsicums, carrots and fresh basil

Menu Choice # 65.


Chilli Prawns

Tiger Prawns cooked with capsicum, onions and spring onions.

Menu Choice # 66.


Sweet and Sour Prawns

Tiger Prawns , capsicum, pineapple with sweet and sour sauce.

Menu Choice # 67.


Black Bean Prawns

Tiger Prawns cooked in Black Bean sauce with green beans,, capsicum, onions, carrots.

Menu Choice # 68.



We pride ourselves in producing dishes with consistent taste and are known for delivering best price to quantity /quality ratio. Nonetheless, via this disclaimer we would like to declare that  color and texture of the images shown here may be different from the actual dishes.